Baby Polar Bear Doodle

A Community-driven collectibles NFT project.

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Baby Polar Bear Doodle

What is Baby Polar Bear Doodle?

About Baby Polar Bear Doodle

Baby Polar Bear Doodle is a Community-driven collectibles NFT project.


Baby Polar Bear Doodle is a collection of 1111 Baby Polar Bear living on the Polygon Blockchain!

All Baby Polar Bears are one of a kind. No two are the same. While all Baby Polar Bears are unique, some Baby Polar Bears will be rarer than others.


We are not just an NFT product. We strive to focus on the future development of our Baby Polar Bear and build a strong creative community.

Adopt a Baby Polar Bear allows you to participate in coordinating the Baby Polar Bear Doodle Club Treasury.


Phase 1

The Creation

  • - Drawing Baby Polar Bear Doodle
  • - Generating 1111 Baby Polar Bear Doodle from over 125+ hand-drawn traits
  • - Launch Twitter, Websites, Twitter Community

Phase 2

The Public Sale

  • - Public Mint (Directly On Opensea)
  • - Listing On Marketplace (Opensea)
  • - Start Promotion Campaign
  • - Publish Rarity Tools on websites

Phase 3

The Community

  • - The royalties from trading fees are sent back to adopters once a month. After all Baby Polar bear was Adopted. You can earn more by adopting multiple baby polar
  • - Daily promotion campaign to make sure the market is still on fire. So adopters can earn revenue continuously
  • - Launch several Event, Giveaway, and Drop for Exclusive adopters
  • - Launch official Baby Polar Bear Doodle DAO (BPBD DAO)
  • - Launch merchandise
  • - Spend some sales to Charity Platform or Croudfunding to save the earth from Global Warming

Phase 4

The Next Generation

  • - Making Baby Polar Bear Doodle v2.0
  • - Airdroping Baby Polar Bear Doodle v2.0 to the adopter
  • - Daily promotion campaign still running
  • - Baby Polar Bear Doodle Metaverse world? Or games? To be announced, stay updated.

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What is Baby Polar Bear Doodle Club?

Baby Polar Bear Doodle (BPBD) is a community-driven collectibles NFT project. BPBD NFTs are made up of over a hundred exciting traits of faces, hats, shirts, bodies, and backgrounds. Each BPBD is a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) on the Polygon blockchain.

Where to buy & sell Baby Polar Bear Doodle?

You can buy and sell BPBD NFT directly on OpenSea. And you can trade the NFTs on marketplaces that support Polygon Blockchain.

Why I should collect Baby Polar Bear Doodle?

The royalties from trading fees are sent back to holders once a month and this will go unlimited. This way you can get passive earnings just by holding. Also, we will use 10% of them to sweep the floor and marketing plans.

How much is the royalty percentage?

It's 10%.

When is the public mint date and how much is the floor price?

Public mint is live now, make sure you follow our Twitter @babybeardoodle to get updated. For the floor price will be 0.005 ETH and will increase to 0.02 after all 1111 nft minted on OpenSea.

Why does Baby Polar Bear Doodle doesn't have Discord?

We decided to manage the community in Twitter Community, only Baby Polar owners can join the community. This is to make sure there's no scammer inside the ecosystem.

If You already adopted Baby Polar Bear, please send DM to our Twitter and we will invite you to Our Community.

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